Day Of Entertainment Services 

Todd Keirstead is one of the world best golf entertainers in the game. Todd Keirstead has been voted Trick Shot of the Year on the Golf Channel and has been on CTV Sports Plays of the Year. With the amazing shots that Todd is able to execute he as been also featured on ESPN, Sports Illustrated, ESPN, TSN and TMZ.

On Course Entertainment

Todd will situate himself on a Par 5 hole and personally entertain each of your participants. Todd will welcome each group to the hole, and then explain that they will be teeing off as a 5 some with Todd's shot being their mulligan. Todd will have a fun competition with the group as the worst shot out of the 4 some will help Todd out with his shot.


Todd will have also set up a temporary tee deck at approximately 160 yards from the green beforehand, If no tee shots are hit to that distance the players will pick up their golf balls and drive to that spot and play their second shot from 160 yards. If any of the group puts that shot into the hole they will win a great prize provided by Todd.



Pre/Post Tournament Show
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A great way to kick start your golf tournament with Todd wowing your audience with a pre or post tournament Instructional Trick Shot Exhibition that far exceeds any presentation of its kind.


This 30-60 minute, fast-paced show leaves the audience electrified and energized. This show has taking Todd around the world.

Master of Ceremonies

A golf tournament awards ceremony and dinner is all about celebrating, but it can also be a tricky balancing act. It’s time to reflect on the great day on the course and give recognition and rewards to the winners of the day.


There are a lot of things to fit into the night and Todd makes things fun and exciting night that leaves everyone with a smile on their face!

Photography and Videography

Great photos and videos make a wonderful day of golf a lasting impression on prospects, clients and employees.


Todd will capture the exciting moments on his golf hole and will provide a video of all the shots taken with the tournament logo on the front and back end providing a great post tournament marketing piece.

Hole in One Prizes

Through my experiences, unique and exciting hole in one prizes go a long way in attracting golfers and creating a memorable tournament that people talk about. Todd has multiple hole in one prizes that have been provided by his sponsors so there is no additional insurance needed to be spent on your end.

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Golf Ball Launcher 

The Golf Ball Launcher is Todd Keirstead’s newest, fun and interactive competition that gives your outing attendees something to talk about.

  • Our team will set up on a par 4 with a distance between 300-350 yards.

  • Players get to launch their golf ball down the fairway to land on the green.

  • The Golf Ball Launcher can serve as a contest, fundraising tool, or simply a new addition to your tournament.  

  • Golfers pay a fee to fire the Golf Ball Launcher. Once they see it, they just have to try it.

  • A team member will staff the specific golf hole to assist and manage the players experience.

  • Does not slow down play. In most cases it actually speeds play.

  • A great way to pick up the pace of play while making additional money on a hole that traditionally does not produce revenue!

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