Jan Stephenson & Todd Keirstead

A new era in golf Instructional Entertainment is emerging and Jan Stephenson and Todd Keirstead are at the forefront of this transformation redefining the sport through their creativity and innovation.

Jan Stephenson, 2019 World Golf Hall of Fame inductee, 3 time major championship  winner, 16 LPGA Tour event winner and 41 professional worldwide winner has partnered with world celebrity golf entertainer, Todd Keirstead to provide your event the best entertainment the world has to offer. 

Jan Stephenson and Todd Keirstead have merged their incredible ball striking skills, golf instructional knowledge and storytelling to bring you one of the worlds best golf instructional entertainment demonstrations that the industry has ever seen. 

Not only will you be amazed by the shotmaking ability of these two dynamic individuals but you will be given the tools needed to take your own personal game to the next level. 

Having Jan and Todd perform at your event is a guaranteed success and a rare opportunity to give your audience a twist of originality. You can expect high level of professionalism as these two world class athletes involve and entertains the crowd with shots, stories and instruction.