Online Golf Lessons

Get out your cell phone and take a video of your golf swing. Todd Keirstead will do a complete analysis and talk you through ways to improve your golf swing!

Upload a video of your golf swing and answer a few simple questions about your game.  Once submitted Todd Keirstead will:

  • Expertly analyze your information to understand your fault.

  • Identify the cause of your fault.

  • Provide you with a simple cure to improve your game

• One video upload weekly. Voiceover analysis will be provided with the video to assure clarity of what is being requested by the student. Turnaround time is typically between 24-72 hours.

• As needed, additional videos, or links to videos, will be provided with in-depth content of drills or any other needed elements of the student’s swing or game. This is to assure that clarity is provided to the student.

• Communicating digitally with with tips, articles, drills and exercises that is relevant towards your continued game improvement. 

One Month



One Year



Recording Videos

  1. Carefully place the phone/camera in a safe location in the area that you’ll swinging

  2. Have the camera placed horizontal

  3. Set camera at waist level, FACE ON and at 90 degrees from target line

  4. Set camera at waist level, DOWN LINE and through the “hand line” to target

  5. After recording your swing, edit the video to only capture the start to the finish of your swing to save MB

  6. Send your video to